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A Question of Attachment: Book Chapter Ideas (part III)

In my previous post I introduced a few more book chapter ideas for my proposed book A Question of Attachment—Bowlby Less Traveled: The Book. In this final post of the series, I’d like to introduce three more chapter ideas, making eleven in all. Let’s dig in. Of Phantom Limbs & Mice in Mazes—Evidence for Cognitive […]

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COMMENT: Brave new era in technology needs new ethics –

Back in March of 2012 I wrote a post entitled Is There An Objectification Double Standard? In this post I suggested that we as a society tend to condemn athletes who use performance enhancing drugs (i.e., steroids) on the field while at the same time encourage our kids to use performance enhancing drugs (i.e., Ritalin) […]

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Putting One’s “Transvaluation” House In Order

Over the weekend I enjoyed reading Mary Eberstadt’s 2012 book entitled Adam and Eve after the Pill—Paradoxes of the Sexual Revolution. In many ways Adam and Eve after the Pill expands on themes Eberstadt delivers in her 2004 book entitled Home-alone America—The Hidden Toll of Day Care, Behavioral Drugs, and Other Parent Substitutes (a book […]

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COMMENT: Is There An Objectification Double Standard?

In recent months I have heard two anecdotes that share a common theme, a theme that I find shocking and disturbing. The theme runs something like the following: Increasingly mothers are being pressured by the system (which I will define in a moment) to place their children on behavioral drugs—drugs more powerful than cocaine in […]

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Parents’ group scolds TV shows for sexualizing young girls – Yahoo! News

Parents’ group scolds TV shows for sexualizing young girls – Yahoo! News. Pop quiz — After I posted my December 17th, 2010, post entitled “Bowlby Goes to the Movies,” I ran across the above article over at YahooNews. I immediately hit my WordPress “PressThis” button because this article would be a great pop quiz for […]

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