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Back when the Foundation had a focus on Bowlbian attachment theory, the Bowlby Less Traveled (BLT) blog was our main way of disseminating information concerning Bowlby’s theory. We still post new blog articles to BLT but on a less frequent schedule—generally when something that pertains to Bowlby’s theory pops up on the radar screen. If you see a Bowlby related article or book, let us know by using the Contact menu item over at the main FHL Foundation web site (click on our logo). Thanks for visiting our BLT legacy site.

Blog Disclaimer is as follows: The Bowlby Less Traveled blog is for entertainment purposes only. None of the content, including comments by others, should be looked upon as providing any professional or expert opinion, be it legal, scientific, financial, psychological, medical, or otherwise. The FHL Foundation cannot be held responsible for any use or misuse of the information contained within this blog. By accessing and reading any of the BLT blog posts, you agree to the above terms.