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Executive Function and the Art of Diesel-Powered Car Repair (Pt 1)

As many of you know in my first career I was a geologist. I worked for a major oil company in the 1980s. I am very fortunate in that over the years I have stayed in contact with several geology colleagues from both my days as a masters student in geology as well as from […]

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Addendum—Developing a Picture of the “Amazing Teen Brain”

As I was finishing up the previous post I flashed on an article that I read a number of years ago on The Amazing Teen Brain, which happens to be the title to Jay Giedd’s 2015 paper that appeared on the web site in June. Dr. Giedd is a professor at UC Santa Barbara […]

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Touching On a Few Points From the Book “Executive Function & Child Development”

In this post I’d like to touch on a few points that psychotherapists Marcie and Daniel Yeager make in their 2012 book entitled Executive Function & Child Development. What is Executive Function or what are EF skills? Executive Function comprises a number of higher order cognitive skills such as delaying gratification, staying on task, appropriately […]

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Winter 2021 Grant Awards

The board met on January 26th, 2021, and made the following grant awards totaling $65,000, all within the focus area of animal and human welfare: Wilderwood Equine Therapy & Rescue — Improvements to the horse arena — $6,000 Colorado House Rabbit Society — Rabbit vaccination project — $10,000 Libros for Kids — Home book delivery program — $15,000 […]

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Fall 2020 Grant Awards

At our Fall board meeting, the board made the following grants. All of these grants have a focus on mitigating the affects of COVID-19: NM Kids Matter (CASA Program; volunteer retention) — $20,000 Reading Works (Adult Literacy Programs; moving to online platforms) — $5,000 Animal Humane (Pet Save Fund) — $10,000 Breath of My Heart […]

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