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Cultural Cognitive Models Now—Settling the Fight Between Humanism and Post-liberalism

In the past four months or so, I have read five books that seem to circle the same debate: humanism versus post-humanism or post-liberalism. Honestly, I did not set out to investigate this debate; it just happened. In one case, an author was so biased that I was motivated to read a book that countered […]

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The Patriarchy is Dead; Long Live the Patriarchy (Legacy)

I try to find authors who will challenge my view of the world, and my knowledge of it, in new and different ways. Science historian David Wooten did not disappoint. Wooten wrote the 2015 book entitled The Invention of Science: A New History of the Scientific Revolution. Wooten’s main premise really caught my attention: Before […]

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COMMENT: Death to Death and All That Loss

For Christmas, a good friend of mine bought me a book that I just finished reading. I found it wildly informative and insightful. The book is Sapiens—A Brief History of Humankind by world history professor Yuval Noah Harari. For me, Harari’s book was like Paul Harvey on steroids. Harvey was a radio personality and social […]

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COMMENT: Health Care, Tuition & Housing: Have You Become A Bubble Pawn?

About a year ago I watched the 2015 movie The Big Short starring Christian Bale, Steve Carell, and Ryan Gosling. It’s a movie about the days leading up to the housing crash of 2008. It’s about the burst of the housing bubble. It’s about how the housing bubble got set up in the first place. […]

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REPRINT: “Human Road Kill” by Amy Linn of Searchlight NM

As I was reading the Sunday Albuquerque Journal (01.21.18), I spotted an article by Amy Linn that caught my eye. The main title is: “Human Road Kill.” The subtitle reads: “Suffering early trauma, many N.M. kids face devastating consequences.” Turns out that Ms. Linn writes for Searchlight New Mexico, a group whose tagline is: “Bringing […]

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