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Bowlby’s book “The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds”—A Multi-part Review

I admit, I have not read all of John Bowlby’s many books and articles. At the end of Suzan van Dijken’s 1998 book entitled John Bowlby: His Early Life, there’s a listing of Bowlby’s works: (153) books and articles by himself, (26) with others, and (23) unpublished works. I find it hard to make a […]

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A Few Reflections on Grantmaking and Intuition

Way back in September of 2008 I attended the annual conference of the Association of Small Foundations (now called Exponent Philanthropy) up in Denver. There was one concurrent session that I was particularly interested in: The Secret of Effective Grants: The Power of Intuition. This session was put on by Chet Tchozewski and Gabriel Works. […]

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Reprint: Robots, Robots Everywhere

Robots, robots everywhere by Jay Nelson February 2013 issue of SWCP Portal (reprinted with the kind permission of the author) What follows is a reprint of an article by Jay Nelson that appeared in the February 2013 issue of Southwest Cyberport Portal Newsletter. Southwest Cyberport is the FHL Foundation’s IP or Internet provider. Their newsletter […]

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Don’t Be Found Dumb Over Moral (Attachment) Dumbfounding (part III)

Welcome to part III of this three-part series wherein we will consider the practical application of looking at such topics as moral dumbfounding and moral modules. We’ll also look at how these practical applications potentially affect philanthropy. One of the biggest focus areas now for philanthropy centers on returning vets, veterans returning from the conflicts in […]

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Study: PTSD Survivors’ Children May Have Genetic Scars – TIME

Study: PTSD Survivors Children May Have Genetic Scars – TIME. The above article by Jeffrey Kluger over at talks about research that suggests that the transgenerational transmission of trauma may leave a genetic trace. The researchers thought that this finding was rather important because it may shed light on the mechanism that apparently has […]

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