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Bulleting “The Organized Mind”—Empathy and Fiction Reading

My office mate, Barb, is in the habit of announcing, “I don’t trust anyone who does not read fiction.” I usually take offense because I do not read fiction. I, instead, read non-fiction books like Daniel Levitin’s 2014 book entitled The Organized Mind—Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload. As fate would have it, […]

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Affordable Ashmordable … What About Desirable Care?

I applaud efforts to make healthcare affordable, but in this blog post I’d like to offer up a caution: “As we make healthcare in specific and care in general more affordable, will it still remain desirable?” Looked at another way, does it make sense to make something that is quickly becoming undesirable, affordable? Should we be […]

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Thoughts On Bowlbian Attachment Theory (Vol. 1)

In my post of July 15th, 2011, I announced that we are going to start the process of moving the content from our current web site over to this blog site. You will be able to access content related directly to the Foundation by using the Foundation Web Site link shown above. As many of […]

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New Study: Young Children Surprisingly Perceptive – Yahoo! News

New Study: Young Children Surprisingly Perceptive – Yahoo! News. I commented on this article over at YahooNews. Here’s what I had to say: This is not groundbreaking research. Piaget essentially looked at how kids interact with inanimate objects. His work is what it is, and needed to be done to take us to the next […]

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ADHD: Has this diagnostic fad run its course? –

ADHD: Has this diagnostic fad run its course? – This article is by Stephen R. Herr, an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Studies, Leadership and Counseling at Murray State University, and can be found over at the Christian Science Monitor. Let me begin by applauding Dr. Herr’s efforts to “broaden our view” […]

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