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FHL Foundation Makes Summer 2014 Grants

The board of the FHL Foundation made the following grants at their July 22, 2014, board meeting: 1) Vero Beach Museum of Art – Lecture Series – $15,000 2) Casa Q – Group Home for LGBT Youth – $10,000 Congratulations to the above grant recipients! With these two grants the FHL Foundation closes its grantmaking […]

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FHL Foundation Makes Spring 2014 Grants

At its April 29th, 2014, board meeting, the board of the FHL Foundation approved the following Spring, 2014, grants: Syracuse University (Dr. Ken Corvo–lead researcher–domestic violence research) – $50,000 Imagination Library of Grant County (deliver books to young children) – $6,000 Newtown – Sandy Hook Community Foundation (trauma relief efforts) – $25,000 Congratulations to all […]

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Continuums on a Continuum

In part I of my last blog series (which started on March 25th, 2014) I took an in depth look at Henry Giroux’s 2013 book entitled America’s Education Deficit and the War On Youth. I used cognitive scientist turned political commentator George Lakoff’s work in the area of cultural cognitive models (i.e., the liberal Nurturant […]

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COMMENT: Liberals Suck, Conservatives Are Morons … Any Questions? (part I of II)

I wanted to title this blog post “Liberals Are from Mars, Conservatives Are from Venus,” but then I thought I would unintentionally offend John Gray and the work he does in the area of relationships. I settled on “Liberals Suck, Conservatives Are Morons.” OK, let’s try this: “Liberal Suckies Are from the Planet Suckius, Conservative […]

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FHL Foundation Makes Winter 2014 Grants

On February 4th, 2014, the board of the FHL Foundation voted to approve the following grants: Cochitit Elementary School (School Program Development) – $10,000 Geneva Glen Camp (Camperhip Program) – $10,000 Pilots & Paws (Animal Rescue Efforts) – $20,000 Cambridge Health Alliance (Study: Stress and the Maternal Brain – Dr. Karlen Lyons-Ruth) – $5,000 Taos […]

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