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Bowlbian Attachment Theory for People On the Go—Loose Ends

I’m still working on the next part in this series. I should have it out soon. In the mean time I just wanted to tie up a couple of loose ends from my last post. In my last post I mentioned that attachment could be looked at as a behavioral system like other behavioral systems […]

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QUICK LOOK: Harari on the History of Attachment

Lately I’ve been blogging about the work of world history professor Yuval Harari, specifically his two books Sapiens and Homo Deus. I found Sapiens by browsing at a local bookstore just up the road. As I flipped through the pages of Sapiens, my eye caught a glimpse of a picture from one of Harry Harlow’s […]

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Quick Look—“Encounters with John Bowlby”

In my last post I mentioned the 2017 book by Arturo Ezquerro entitled Encounters with John Bowlby—Tales of Attachment. Bowlby was Ezquerro’s supervisor for the last seven years of Bowlby’s life. Bowlby died in September, 1990, at the age of 83. I thought I’d offer up a few impressions of my read. I mean this […]

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QUICK LOOK—Volume III of Bowlby’s Trilogy on Attachment

Over the July 4th weekend I was able to finish rereading volume III of Bowlby’s trilogy on attachment. In my last post I mentioned that I would offer up a few observations concerning volume III once I finished rereading it. Here’s my quick take on volume III. Many times before I have made the following […]

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QUICK LOOK—Two Volumes In to Bowlby’s Trilogy on Attachment

I recently finished rereading volumes one and two of Bowlby’s trilogy on attachment. I’m rereading Bowlby’s trilogy in preparation for writing my proposed book A Question of Attachment (plans of which I have blogged about in earlier posts). I thought I’d offer up a few quick impressions, mainly comparing my first read to my recent […]

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