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Why Does Attachment Theory Have Such Low Self-Esteem?

Q – Why don’t we have better theoretical and clinical models with which to understand and treat low self-esteem issues? A – Before I try to tackle this question, a bit of a history lesson is in order here. The clinical model already exists. It has existed for over 50 years now. And it’s not […]

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New Relationship Test Similar to AAI (Adult Attachment Interview)

I just happened upon an article over at entitled Test Predicts Whether Relationships Will Last. No name was given for the test so I’ll call it Relationship Test for the remainder of this post. As I read this article I found myself saying, “Hey, this new Relationship Test sounds a lot like the AAI (Adult […]

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Losing Insecure Attachment With Jillian (Part 1)

It’s official: for the 2010 summer TV season, Jillian Michaels—personal trainer extraordinaire—has left The Biggest Loser ranch to go out and about making house calls in a spin-off show Losing It With Jillian. I have watched the first few episodes and I’m hooked, but not for the reason you might think. Sure, there’s great “personal […]

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