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Of Digital Billionaires and Analog Beggars—Entering the Age of Disruption

We are entering a new age of robber barons who wish to disrupt our old economic and social ways. Who are these new robber barons? Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame; Michael and Xochi Birch of Bebo fame (which was sold to AOL for $850 million in 2008); Peter Thiel, an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge […]

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Reaction to “Origins of Attachment” (part III)

Welcome to part III of my reaction to the 2014 book Origins of Attachment co-written by Beatrice Beebe and Frank Lachmann. This will be the final part in this series. It’s a bit long but I wanted to wrap things up. Let me ask you this question: Why is it that you cannot tickle yourself? […]

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