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REPRINT: “Separation Is Never Ending: Attachment Is a Human Right” by Jessica Borelli

I was recently contacted by Kazuko Behrens by email. Kazuko is an attachment researcher. Our Foundation funded Kazuko’s research in the past. Kazuko informed me that a number of attachment researchers (a few of which have also received funding from our Foundation) have released a statement concerning the parent-child separations taking place along the US-Mexico […]

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Insecure People at Higher Risk of Heart Attacks | LiveScience

Insecure People at Higher Risk of Heart Attacks | LiveScience. I’m trying a new (to me) feature of WordPress—the Press This feature. The idea is really simple. If you find an article on the web that you think would be of interest to your blog readers, you can activate the Press This feature, and, voilà, […]

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