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What Was Once Neglect, Is Now Habit

I recently spied an article by Renee Collett entitled 22 Habits of People Who Felt Neglected Growing Up. I found this article through but it originally appeared over at The Mighty. Here’s the link to this article. I get the impression that Collett polled The Mighty community and simply asked what adult habits did […]

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Two Thoughts on Autism Spectrum Disorders: ADHD Is Low in France & It’s Not All About Genetics

I recently ran across two articles that deal with autism spectrum disorders. Here they are: 3 Things We Can Learn From French Parents—Whose Kids Rarely Have ADHD | PJ Media. by Brianna Sharbaugh Autism is not just a disorder of the brain, mouse study suggests ScienceDaily June 9th, 2016 The first article on ADHD (attention […]

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QUICK LOOK: ‘Damaged masculinity’ may help explain Columbine and other mass shootings – The Washington Post

‘Damaged masculinity’ may help explain Columbine and other mass shootings – The Washington Post. By Michael S. Rosenwald, April 20, 2016 Washington Post contributor I found this article by Michael Rosenwald to be most revealing. It comes on the 17th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre. Rosenwald went back and found essays written by […]

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“Addictions from an Attachment Perspective”—A Review (part VII)

Welcome back. This is part VII and the last of my multi-part blog series wherein I review the 2014 edited volume entitled Addictions from an Attachment Perspective—Do Broken Bonds and Early Trauma Lead to Addictive Behaviours? We’ll start off looking at Chapter Eight—Technology, Attachment, And Sexual Addiction by Cara Crossan. And I’m going to add […]

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Of Marshmallows, Brain Plasticity and Attachment (part I)

The Marshmallow Test. You know the one. That’s where researchers place marshmallows (or other treats) in front of kids around age six or seven and then give the following direction: “You can eat one marshmallow any time after I leave the room if you wish, however, if you wait until I come back then you […]

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