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Quick Look—“Encounters with John Bowlby”

In my last post I mentioned the 2017 book by Arturo Ezquerro entitled Encounters with John Bowlby—Tales of Attachment. Bowlby was Ezquerro’s supervisor for the last seven years of Bowlby’s life. Bowlby died in September, 1990, at the age of 83. I thought I’d offer up a few impressions of my read. I mean this […]

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Update—Full Application from Dr. Lyons-Ruth at Cambridge Health Alliance

Back on June 21st, 2010, we reported on an LOI (letter of intent) from Karlen Lyons-Ruth, an attachment researcher working at the Cambridge Health Alliance. As a result of Dr. Lyons-Ruth’s LOI, the Foundation invited a Full Application. With Dr. Lyons-Ruth’s permission, we are reproducing two sections from the Full Application that was submitted. We found […]

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