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Brexit Stage Left: Cultural Cognitive Model Fail

Author’s note: I am simulposting this post both at LinkedIn Pulse and at Bowlby Less Traveled. By now you probably have heard that the UK voted to leave the EU or the European Union. This decision now goes by the name Brexit, which is short for British Exit. Pundits are speculating that the Brexit vote […]

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COMMENT: Being “Forced to Care” About Social Constructivism

In my blog post early this month entitled Is “Machine” the New White? I mentioned a 2010 book by Evelyn Nakano Glenn entitled Forced to Care: Coercion and Caregiving in America. I also mentioned that I would probably have more to say about Forced to Care in a later blog post. Well, that time is […]

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Is “Machine” the New White?

A few weeks back Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly declared on-air that both Jesus and Santa Claus were white. The reaction was swift. Biblical and history scholars pointed out that Jesus and Saint Nicholas have Middle Eastern and Turkish origins. Saturday Nigh Live cast member Kenan Thompson dressed as a black Santa during a skit to […]

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Truer Words: Expressing a Wish to Abandon External Reality Without Paying a Price

In my October 23rd, 2013, blog post, I pulled from the work of philosopher John Searle as a way of helping us understand the growing resentment being directed toward biology and nature. In this earlier blog post I make the argument that the lion’s share of this Resentment is coming from the ideologies of postmodernism […]

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Comment: The Grand Narrative of No Grand Narrative

Comment on: What does President Obama really believe? – Yahoo! News. by Jacob Bronsther – Fri Jan 21, 2011 This morning (as per my habit), I was scanning the headlines over at YahooNews. The article What does President Obama really believe? by Jacob Bronsther caught my eye. Bronsther makes the same grumbling that I have made […]

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