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“Addictions from an Attachment Perspective”—A Review (part III)

Welcome back from my interlude late last week. This is part III of my multi-part blog series wherein I review the 2014 edited volume entitled Addictions from an Attachment Perspective—Do Broken Bonds and Early Trauma Lead to Addictive Behaviours? We’ll start off looking at Chapter III—The Self-Medication Hypothesis and Attachment Theory: Pathways for Understanding and […]

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Quick Look: “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Does Not Exist”

I was scanning the pages over at Mad in America and found the following article by Jay Watts entitled Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Does Not Exist. I enjoyed Dr. Watts’ article because she makes several points that I have also made concerning CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. I contacted Dr. Watts and she graciously gave me […]

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QUICK LOOK: Childhood Anxiety Could Physically Change The Brain

Childhood Anxiety Could Physically Change The Brain by Lindsay Holmes Before I post my recap of my blog series on Marshmallows, Brain Plasticity and Attachment, I’d like to draw your attention to the article above, which just came across my desk. It provides evidence that supports one of the ideas I presented in my last blog […]

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Let’s Talk About “Changing Systems” Systematically (part II of II)

As promised at the end of part I, we’ll begin part II by asking, “What good are systems levels, especially organic systems levels?” Well, lets take an example from philanthropy. Consider this oft cited example (which apparently comes from Lao Tzu—thank you Robert Hall): Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day […]

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Dr. Ippen-Ghosh on Attachment, Culture, and Trauma (Part IV)

In Part II (which was posted on November 9th, 2010), I looked at such topics as … The David Olds Home Visitation Program How trauma (like domestic violence) affects early child development Core concepts surrounding most home visitation programs A (not so successful) example of a home visitation program in Hawaii Matching interventions to cultural […]

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