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Bowlby’s Connection to Cognitive Mapping and Spatial Behavior

In my post of September 9th, 2011, I make the following claim: Theories (and theorists) are held by conceptual frameworks. By way of a review, here are some of the better-known Western conceptual frameworks over time (use the Contact Us link above to request the references I used to compile this list): Traditional-Sapient Revolution (circa […]

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John Bowlby and the Fall (and, Hopefully, Rise) of a Conceptual Revolution

As a graduate student studying counseling psychology I was provided with information on such individuals as Sigmund Freud, B.F. Skinner, Carl Rogers, Jean Piaget, and John Bowlby. What I wasn’t provided with was information on how these individuals were part and parcel of specific conceptual revolutions. Sigmund Freud was caught up within the hydraulic conceptual […]

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Bringing in 2011 with a Review of Posts from December, 2010

I trust that everyone had a wonderful and restful holiday break. I know I did. Last year (sorry, couldn’t resist) on December 9th, 2010, I began a series of posts that were triggered by the following question: Q – Do mothers (therapists) really attach to their babies (clients)? Lets do a bit of a review […]

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Liberals are from Venus and Conservatives are from Mars

In my post of December 9th, 2010, I asked the following question: “Do Mothers (Therapists) Really Attach to Their Babies (Clients)?” I answered this question with one word: “Depends.” (No … not the adult diaper). I’m not trying to be cute here but the answer does depend on what conceptual system you are using. In […]

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