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UPDATE—Lyons-Ruth Study

We received the following email update from attachment researcher Karlen Lyons-Ruth. Karlen was kind enough to allow us to use her email update as a part of a blog post. Dear Rick and the FHL Foundation, We are very pleased to let you know of the recent publication of the results from our previous FHL […]

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Insecure People at Higher Risk of Heart Attacks | LiveScience

Insecure People at Higher Risk of Heart Attacks | LiveScience. I’m trying a new (to me) feature of WordPress—the Press This feature. The idea is really simple. If you find an article on the web that you think would be of interest to your blog readers, you can activate the Press This feature, and, voilà, […]

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Dark Side of Perfectionism Revealed by Attachment Theory

I just found the following article over at by Rachael Rettner: The Dark Side of Perfectionism Revealed. In my opinion, the information presented in this article not only agrees with but could be easily framed by attachment theory. I’m not sure why researchers are not making more of an effort to tie their work […]

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