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COMMENT: Liberals Suck, Conservatives Are Morons … Any Questions? (part I of II)

I wanted to title this blog post “Liberals Are from Mars, Conservatives Are from Venus,” but then I thought I would unintentionally offend John Gray and the work he does in the area of relationships. I settled on “Liberals Suck, Conservatives Are Morons.” OK, let’s try this: “Liberal Suckies Are from the Planet Suckius, Conservative […]

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Dr. Ippen-Ghosh on Attachment, Culture, and Trauma (Part III)

In Part II (which was posted on November 9th, 2010), I looked at such topics as … The David Olds Home Visitation Program How trauma (like domestic violence) affects early child development Core concepts surrounding most home visitation programs A (not so successful) example of a home visitation program in Hawaii Matching interventions to cultural […]

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Dr. Ippen-Ghosh on Attachment, Culture, and Trauma (Part II)

In part I (which was posted on November 3rd, 2010), I set the stage by briefly describing and providing examples for the following continuum: worldview <==> ideology <==> methodology <==> intervention I like to keep this continuum in mind because it challenges me to consider such things as worldviews, ideologies, and methodologies when hearing about […]

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