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Brexit Stage Left: Cultural Cognitive Model Fail

Author’s note: I am simulposting this post both at LinkedIn Pulse and at Bowlby Less Traveled. By now you probably have heard that the UK voted to leave the EU or the European Union. This decision now goes by the name Brexit, which is short for British Exit. Pundits are speculating that the Brexit vote […]

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Bulleting “The Organized Mind”—Externalizing Mind

Welcome back to my multi-part blog series wherein I will briefly discuss bullet points taken from Daniel Levitin’s 2014 book entitled The Organized Mind—Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload. In this installment we will look at Levitin’s take on externalizing the mind. Levitin suggests that one effective way of organizing the mind is […]

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Reaction to “Origins of Attachment” (part II)

Welcome to part II of my reaction to the 2014 book Origins of Attachment co-written by Beatrice Beebe and Frank Lachmann. OK, allow me to get one of my pet peeves out of the way at the onset (as promised in part I). And this is not a reaction just to the Origins book (for […]

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Continuums on a Continuum

In part I of my last blog series (which started on March 25th, 2014) I took an in depth look at Henry Giroux’s 2013 book entitled America’s Education Deficit and the War On Youth. I used cognitive scientist turned political commentator George Lakoff’s work in the area of cultural cognitive models (i.e., the liberal Nurturant […]

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Summarizing “Hamlet’s BlackBerry: Building a Good Life in the Digital Age” (part 9)

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. To refresh your memory, here’s my “sum the sum” from part 8 of my summary of Hamlet’s Blackberry: Here are four reasons to turn off the TV: heart issues, eating issues, learning issues, and fun issues. One of the first communications technologies centered on the oral […]

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