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Grant News—Reading Study by the Grant County, NM Chapter of Imagination Library

About three years ago the Grant County, NM Chapter of Imagination Library contacted our Foundation. Imagination Library is a project of the Dolly Parton Foundation. The main goals of Imagination Library are to get high quality books for young children into homes, and to encourage parents to read to their children. The idea here is […]

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QUICK LOOK: Dangers of Students’ Short Attention Spans | LifeZette

Dangers of Students Short Attention Spans | LifeZette. by Deirdre Reilly In the above article Deirdre Reilly—pulling from a recent report that appeared in The Telegraph—observes: “The age of smartphones has left humans with such a short attention span that even a goldfish can hold a thought in its mind longer than a human can….” […]

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Marshmallow Test: Delaying Gratification in Childhood Predicts Adult Success (LIP)

Note: This post originally appeared over at LinkedIn Pulse. LinkedIn is a social networking site supporting the world of business. LinkedIn has a blog service known as LinkedIn Pulse. As such, this post presents information on Bowlbian attachment theory and related subjects that may be a review for regular BLT readers. Click on this link […]

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Of Marshmallows, Brain Plasticity and Attachment – RECAP

My four-part series on Marshmallows, Brain Plasticity and Attachment was triggered by my read of Walter Mischel’s 2014 book entitled The Marshmallow Test—Mastering Self-Control. Today’s post will be a recap, a Reader’s Digest version if you will. I will also offer up a few possible ways of connecting the middle object brain to the upper […]

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Of Marshmallows, Brain Plasticity and Attachment (part IV)

Have you ever had this experience? You’re about to attempt an activity for the first time, say, snowboarding. You’ve taken a few lessons but now you’re on your own. There’s a bit of danger and a bit of risk. You ask yourself, “Will I fall getting onto the lift? Getting off the lift? Going down […]

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