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The Love Wars—Harry Harlow and the All Night Comfort Food Café (part I)

You’re a medical director. Your shift is almost over as you slip into your desk chair for a quick respite. You spin around to look out the window. It’s snowing. There’s a layer of fluffy snow covering the ground. As you gaze upon this blanket of virgin snow you crack a slight smile. You’re filled […]

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Securely Attached: Automation and the New Valued Employee (LIP)

Author’s Note: I recently signed up for an account over at LinkedIn, the social networking site for businesses and business people. I created a LinkedIn account because I was regularly receiving invitations from friends and colleagues. LinkedIn has a blog service known as LinkedIn Pulse. I thought it might be fun to write a few […]

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COMMENT: Technical Versus Adaptive Solutions In The News

By now we have probably seen the picture and heard the story: New York City police officer buys homeless man a pair of boots. It’s a heartwarming image and story. But last night our local (Albuquerque) news reported that the story continues in interesting ways. Apparently the homeless man is again walking around the city […]

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