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The Internet and How It Affects Our Ability to Develop, Maintain, and Manipulate Mental Containers (part I)

In recent months I have read two books that take opposing views concerning the future of the Internet and its impact on empathy. The first is economist and educator Jeremy Rifkin’s 2014 book entitled The Zero Marginal Cost Society—The Internet of Things, The Collaborative Commons, and The Eclipse of Capitalism (which I blogged about in […]

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Summarizing Neurologist Elkhonon Goldberg’s Book Entitled “The New Executive Brain: Frontal Lobes in a Complex World” (Part III)

When I was a boy back in the 1960s I enjoyed watching country singer Mel Tillis on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. (How a young boy was able to stay up past his bedtime to watch late night TV without his parents knowing is a story for another day.) I remember feeling bad for […]

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Farmer Freud and Farmer Bowlby—Ploughing the Same Field?

As most of you know, John Bowlby, arguably the father of attachment theory, wrote three volumes on the subject (often referred to collectively as Bowlby’s trilogy). The main title for each volume was Attachment and Loss. The subtitle for each volume was different and set the tone for what was to come: vol. I – […]

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