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Of Marshmallows, Brain Plasticity and Attachment (part I)

The Marshmallow Test. You know the one. That’s where researchers place marshmallows (or other treats) in front of kids around age six or seven and then give the following direction: “You can eat one marshmallow any time after I leave the room if you wish, however, if you wait until I come back then you […]

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Continuums on a Continuum

In part I of my last blog series (which started on March 25th, 2014) I took an in depth look at Henry Giroux’s 2013 book entitled America’s Education Deficit and the War On Youth. I used cognitive scientist turned political commentator George Lakoff’s work in the area of cultural cognitive models (i.e., the liberal Nurturant […]

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UPDATE: The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder –

The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder – The Number of Diagnoses Soared Amid a 20-Year Drug Marketing Campaign By ALAN SCHWARZ – DECEMBER 14, 2013 Hello all. Just a quick update to my December 11th, 2013, blog post on how we should add desirable care to our focus on affordable care. In my earlier […]

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Affordable Ashmordable … What About Desirable Care?

I applaud efforts to make healthcare affordable, but in this blog post I’d like to offer up a caution: “As we make healthcare in specific and care in general more affordable, will it still remain desirable?” Looked at another way, does it make sense to make something that is quickly becoming undesirable, affordable? Should we be […]

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Psychology and Philanthropy’s Attack on Darwin and Evolution Theory (part I of II)

On many days I wear three different hats: geologist, psychotherapist (in the field of counseling psychology), and philanthropist. I try to bring this wide-angle view to the work I do as a philanthropist making and monitoring grants primarily in the areas of mental health and human services. In this two-part blog series I’d like to […]

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