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There Are No “Ducks” In VirtualLand … Only “Cats In Shopping Carts”

A couple of weeks ago I was waiting in an examination room along with my good friend Barb. My beloved yellow lab, Amber, was not doing well following a rather nasty seizure. She was 14 plus years old, so the prognosis was not good. My veterinarian, Dr. M, came in and began examining Amber. Amber […]

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Notes From Daniel Brook’s Book “The Trap”

In my post from July 29th, 2010, I announced that Daniel Brook will be kicking off the Foundation’s Roll Your Own Lecture (RYOL) Series. For more on the RYOL Lecture Series, click on the button above. In my earlier post I talked briefly about Daniel’s book The Trap—Selling Out to Stay Afloat in Winner-Take-All America. […]

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“Less Traveled” Blog on John Bowlby’s Work Opens (Part 3)

SOBN (Sphere O’Blog News) – We ended Part 2 with you telling us that you are planning to use the same blogging model that you saw depicted in the 2009 movie Julie & Julia. Please tell us more. Rick – In the movie Julie & Julia, the character Julie (fashioned after real world blogger Julie Powell) […]

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