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The President’s Thoughts on NM’s “Broken” Foster Care System

An article by Colleen Heild appeared in the September 23rd issue of the Sunday Albuquerque Journal that caught my eye. It’s entitled Advocates: NM’s Foster Care System ‘Broken.’ A lawsuit, filed by a group of child advocates, alleges that “thousands of abused or neglected children in New Mexico are removed from unsafe conditions at home […]

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Farmer Freud and Farmer Bowlby—Ploughing the Same Field?

As most of you know, John Bowlby, arguably the father of attachment theory, wrote three volumes on the subject (often referred to collectively as Bowlby’s trilogy). The main title for each volume was Attachment and Loss. The subtitle for each volume was different and set the tone for what was to come: vol. I – […]

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