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The Love Wars—Harry Harlow and the All Night Comfort Food Café (part II)

Note: This post contains a lengthy review of the information presented in part I. If you have the information presented in part I firmly in mind, then by all means skip to the New Information heading below. If not then start here and enjoy this review. Welcome to part II of my two-part blog series […]

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The Love Wars—Harry Harlow and the All Night Comfort Food Café (part I)

You’re a medical director. Your shift is almost over as you slip into your desk chair for a quick respite. You spin around to look out the window. It’s snowing. There’s a layer of fluffy snow covering the ground. As you gaze upon this blanket of virgin snow you crack a slight smile. You’re filled […]

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Quick Look: “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Does Not Exist”

I was scanning the pages over at Mad in America and found the following article by Jay Watts entitled Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Does Not Exist. I enjoyed Dr. Watts’ article because she makes several points that I have also made concerning CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. I contacted Dr. Watts and she graciously gave me […]

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Bowlby’s book “The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds”—A Multi-part Review

I admit, I have not read all of John Bowlby’s many books and articles. At the end of Suzan van Dijken’s 1998 book entitled John Bowlby: His Early Life, there’s a listing of Bowlby’s works: (153) books and articles by himself, (26) with others, and (23) unpublished works. I find it hard to make a […]

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Understanding the Growing Resentment Directed Toward Biology and Nature—The Philosophy of John Searle

In an earlier blog post I mentioned a book by Robin Dunbar and his colleagues entitled Evolutionary Psychology. Dunbar et al. draw heavily from the work of philosopher John Searle. Using Searle’s work as a background, Dunbar et al. make an observation that stunned me. Consider the following quote: Searle argues that language and ToM […]

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