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QUICK LOOK: Mental illness mostly caused by life events not genetics, argue psychologists

Mental Illness Mostly Caused by Life Events Not Genetics, Argue Psychologists by Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph science editor (March 28, 2016) The above article caught my attention. It throws fuel on the “environmental causes” versus “genetic causes” fire that we visited in my last post, a reaction to the book on addiction In the Realm […]

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Understanding the Growing Resentment Directed Toward Biology and Nature—The Philosophy of John Searle

In an earlier blog post I mentioned a book by Robin Dunbar and his colleagues entitled Evolutionary Psychology. Dunbar et al. draw heavily from the work of philosopher John Searle. Using Searle’s work as a background, Dunbar et al. make an observation that stunned me. Consider the following quote: Searle argues that language and ToM […]

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Psychology and Philanthropy’s Attack on Darwin and Evolution Theory (part I of II)

On many days I wear three different hats: geologist, psychotherapist (in the field of counseling psychology), and philanthropist. I try to bring this wide-angle view to the work I do as a philanthropist making and monitoring grants primarily in the areas of mental health and human services. In this two-part blog series I’d like to […]

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Association of Small Foundations (ASF) “Adapts” With New WordPress Blog

It’s WWII. Bombs are dropping on cities in the UK. The British government decides to implement a public health policy. Children (and some adults) living in the cities would be evacuated to the countryside. Where possible children would be evacuated to family members: aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. If need be they would be evacuated to […]

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Philanthropic Synergy Secures Grant Support for Domestic Violence Research

An abridged version of the following article appeared in the Fall 2010 Insights, a magazine published quarterly in support of the research efforts and activities taking place at the College of Human Ecology; Syracuse University; Syracuse, New York. The Foundation would like to thank Michele J. Barrett, Communications Manager for the College of Human Ecology, for […]

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