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REPRINT: “Separation Is Never Ending: Attachment Is a Human Right” by Jessica Borelli

I was recently contacted by Kazuko Behrens by email. Kazuko is an attachment researcher. Our Foundation funded Kazuko’s research in the past. Kazuko informed me that a number of attachment researchers (a few of which have also received funding from our Foundation) have released a statement concerning the parent-child separations taking place along the US-Mexico […]

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TRUER WORDS: “Endangered Minds”

Today’s Truer Words come from the 1991 book by education researcher Jane Healy entitled Endangered Minds: Why Children Don’t Think and What We Can Do About It. Healy writes: While the adult community sanctimoniously bewails erosion of academic rigor and achievement … it perpetuates the practices that are shortening children’s attention spans and rendering their brains unfit […]

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New Relationship Test Similar to AAI (Adult Attachment Interview)

I just happened upon an article over at entitled Test Predicts Whether Relationships Will Last. No name was given for the test so I’ll call it Relationship Test for the remainder of this post. As I read this article I found myself saying, “Hey, this new Relationship Test sounds a lot like the AAI (Adult […]

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