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Viewing Millennials’ Embrace of Socialism as Locked Mourning

Author’s note: I am simulposting this post both at LinkedIn Pulse and at Bowlby Less Traveled. Clearly the most important story coming out of the current presidential campaign has to be the embrace of Donald Trump by large numbers of people who appear to be angry and disenfranchised. Arguably the second most important story has […]

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Comment: Bad News for the Securely Attached—Being Duped

I just read an interesting article by Andrew Giambrone over at The Atlantic entitled ‘People Skills’ Have a Dark Side — And We’re Just Now Understanding It. Giambrone talks about how common business wisdom holds that good employees should have high EI or emotional intelligence (a concept popularized by Daniel Goleman back in the mid-1990s). […]

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Truer Words: Expressing a Wish to Abandon External Reality Without Paying a Price

In my October 23rd, 2013, blog post, I pulled from the work of philosopher John Searle as a way of helping us understand the growing resentment being directed toward biology and nature. In this earlier blog post I make the argument that the lion’s share of this Resentment is coming from the ideologies of postmodernism […]

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Does Chronic Internet Use Mimic Insecure Attachment? Bowlby’s Theory Gives Us a Possible Answer (Part I)

By now most of us have seen the headlines: Is the “Me Generation” less empathetic? Study links Facebook to narcissism Kids who use Facebook do worse in school Maybe we have read books like: David Anderegg’s 2007 book Nerds—Who They Are and Why We Need More of Them (New York: Penguin). Richard Florida’s 2002 book The […]

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