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QUICK LOOK: Childhood Anxiety Could Physically Change The Brain

Childhood Anxiety Could Physically Change The Brain by Lindsay Holmes Before I post my recap of my blog series on Marshmallows, Brain Plasticity and Attachment, I’d like to draw your attention to the article above, which just came across my desk. It provides evidence that supports one of the ideas I presented in my last blog […]

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John Bowlby and the Glass Cage of Automation

I recently finished reading Nicholas Carr’s 2014 book The Glass Cage: Automation and Us. In many ways Glass Cage is a follow up to Carr’s 2010 book The Shallows—What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. As you may recall, the FHL Foundation brought Carr in to speak about The Shallows as a part of […]

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Understanding the Growing Resentment Directed Toward Biology and Nature—The Philosophy of John Searle

In an earlier blog post I mentioned a book by Robin Dunbar and his colleagues entitled Evolutionary Psychology. Dunbar et al. draw heavily from the work of philosopher John Searle. Using Searle’s work as a background, Dunbar et al. make an observation that stunned me. Consider the following quote: Searle argues that language and ToM […]

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Bowlby’s Connection to Cognitive Mapping and Spatial Behavior

In my post of September 9th, 2011, I make the following claim: Theories (and theorists) are held by conceptual frameworks. By way of a review, here are some of the better-known Western conceptual frameworks over time (use the Contact Us link above to request the references I used to compile this list): Traditional-Sapient Revolution (circa […]

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