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Two Thoughts on Autism Spectrum Disorders: ADHD Is Low in France & It’s Not All About Genetics

I recently ran across two articles that deal with autism spectrum disorders. Here they are: 3 Things We Can Learn From French Parents—Whose Kids Rarely Have ADHD | PJ Media. by Brianna Sharbaugh Autism is not just a disorder of the brain, mouse study suggests ScienceDaily June 9th, 2016 The first article on ADHD (attention […]

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Affectional Bonds—Bowlby on Inner Working Models and Expectation Fields

This is part III of my multi-part review of John Bowlby’s 1979 book The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds. In part I, I profiled Sir Richard Bowlby’s introduction to Affectional Bonds, which was added in 2005. In part II, I profiled criticisms of attachment theory that came from certain sectors of the feminist movement […]

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TRUER WORDS: “Endangered Minds”

Today’s Truer Words come from the 1991 book by education researcher Jane Healy entitled Endangered Minds: Why Children Don’t Think and What We Can Do About It. Healy writes: While the adult community sanctimoniously bewails erosion of academic rigor and achievement … it perpetuates the practices that are shortening children’s attention spans and rendering their brains unfit […]

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Child, Nerd and Tax Relief: A Tale of Three Frames

Last week MSNBC ran a Public Service Announcement that featured anchor Melissa Harris-Perry. Here’s a quote from that PSA: We have never invested as much in public education as we should have. We haven’t had a very collective notion of, these are our children. We have to break through our private idea that children belong to […]

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