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Reaction to Gabor Maté’s “In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts”

Author’s Note: I completed the final draft of this post before I wrote my 03.17.16 post wherein I recognized the “elephant in the room”: the demise of mourning practices both individual and collective. As a result, I repeat information here that also appears in my earlier post. I left the repeated information here so that […]

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Bulleting “The Organized Mind”—Empathy and Fiction Reading

My office mate, Barb, is in the habit of announcing, “I don’t trust anyone who does not read fiction.” I usually take offense because I do not read fiction. I, instead, read non-fiction books like Daniel Levitin’s 2014 book entitled The Organized Mind—Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload. As fate would have it, […]

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“Addictions from an Attachment Perspective”—A Review (part V)

Welcome back. This is part V of my multi-part blog series wherein I review the 2014 edited volume entitled Addictions from an Attachment Perspective—Do Broken Bonds and Early Trauma Lead to Addictive Behaviours? In this post we’ll look at two chapters: 1) Chapter Five—Taking the Toys Away: Removing the Need for Self-Harming Behavior by Lynn […]

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Of Marshmallows, Brain Plasticity and Attachment (part III)

Part I introduced the reader to the work of Walter Mischel. Mischel developed the Marshmallow Test back in the 1960s. The Marshmallow Test is used to assess the psychological dimension known as “the ability to delay gratification.” Kids assessed as “high delayers” on the Marshmallow Test tend to go on to have successful lives. High […]

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COMMENT: Common Core & Postmodernism—Is There A Connection?

In my May 7th, 2014, blog post I talked about Common Core. In my earlier post I pointed out that Common Core is an attempt by educators to standardize teaching curriculums across the US with the central goal of raising the US’s reported dismal world standing in science and math. I mentioned the following tweet […]

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