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What’s So Social About Machine Media? (2 of 2)

Welcome to part II of my two-part series designed to investigate the following overarching question: Out of all the media that have existed for thousands of years why do we frame digital machine media as being “social?” Here are two follow-up questions: Where has this “social” frame come from? Why has the social frame been […]

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What’s So Social About Machine Media? (1 of 2)

In the beginning there was “grunt media”—communication centered on a series of modulated grunts, groans, yelps, yells, screeches, coos, etc. Next came oral media—communication centered on a group of people sitting around telling stories. The history of communication media continues thus—media centered on communicating via… …clay tablets and a system of glyphs (typically about food […]

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Comment: The Grand Narrative of No Grand Narrative

Comment on: What does President Obama really believe? – Yahoo! News. by Jacob Bronsther – Fri Jan 21, 2011 This morning (as per my habit), I was scanning the headlines over at YahooNews. The article What does President Obama really believe? by Jacob Bronsther caught my eye. Bronsther makes the same grumbling that I have made […]

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