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Viewing Millennials’ Embrace of Socialism as Locked Mourning

Author’s note: I am simulposting this post both at LinkedIn Pulse and at Bowlby Less Traveled. Clearly the most important story coming out of the current presidential campaign has to be the embrace of Donald Trump by large numbers of people who appear to be angry and disenfranchised. Arguably the second most important story has […]

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Quick Look: “Why This Doctor Believes Addictions Start In Childhood”

Why This Doctor Believes Addictions Start In Childhood. Huffpost Science (01/26/2016) by Carolyn Gregoire The above article by Carolyn Gregoire—Senior Health & Science Writer at the Huffington Post—caught my eye. Gregoire’s article profiles the work of Canadian physician Gabor Maté. According to Gregoire, Maté, writing in his 2010 book entitled In the Realm of Hungry […]

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Bulleting “The Organized Mind”—Nuts and Bolts

After my last Top Down or Bottom Up post, a few nuts and bolts appeared on the radar screen. For the last several posts I’ve been pulling bullet points from Daniel Levitin’s 2014 book entitled The Organized Mind—Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload. In this follow-up post I’d like to quickly look at […]

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Do We Go Through Anything Anymore?

I just read an interesting article on how to make friends when you’re a grown-up. Pulling from social psychology studies conducted in the 1950s, here are the three key ingredients the article points to as far as making friends: proximity repeated, unplanned interactions a setting that encourages people to let their guard down and confide […]

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Insecure Attachment & Obesity, Pre-K & Entitlement, and Classrooms & Digital Tech—Imprisoning Minds In the Object World (part II of II)

As promised at the end of part I, I’ll start part II by talking about the following three articles. In my opinion, when taken together, the following three articles paint a picture of minds imprisoned within the middle object brain (a topic I introduced in part I). Here are the three articles: How Parenting Styles […]

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