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Comment On: “One in 12 teenagers self harm, study finds”

One in 12 teenagers self harm, study finds – Yahoo! News. By Kate Kelland | Reuters Just a quick comment on the above article by Kate Kelland. I was stunned to hear that one in 12 teenagers engage in self-harm behavior, such as “cutting, burning or taking life-threatening risks” (quoting the article). As a psychotherapist working with […]

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Why Does Attachment Theory Have Such Low Self-Esteem?

Q – Why don’t we have better theoretical and clinical models with which to understand and treat low self-esteem issues? A – Before I try to tackle this question, a bit of a history lesson is in order here. The clinical model already exists. It has existed for over 50 years now. And it’s not […]

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Considering Attachment Theory and Body-Mind: The “Dual” That Results

About a year ago I attended a presentation on resiliency in children. As I sat listening to the presentation I found myself saying something like, “The information on resiliency being presented here fits well with an attachment theory perspective.” As an example, the presenter said that resiliency does not come about simply because parents, family, […]

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