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Why Vitalism? Freud … Asked and Answered

First, thanks to my blog readers for all the emails you have sent me in response to the BLT blog posts that I have written over the last many months. Now, if I could just get you to leave post comments as opposed to sending me emails (hint hint). I guess the blog format is […]

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Frogs, Sex and “Stayin’ Alive”

Frogs, Sex and Stayin’ Alive—OK, not exactly Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll, but probably as close as I’m going to get in these Bowlby Less Traveled posts. Hey, frogs can produce hallucinogenic substances and Stayin’ Alive was a disco song from the 1970s by the Bee Gees—that’s close to rock and roll. So, what […]

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Freud Is to Hydraulics What Bowlby Is to Control Systems

In my post of July 16th, 2010, I talked about how John Bowlby used the purpose or goal of mechanical control systems to argue that there is also a purpose or a goal to biological control systems. Here’s the quote by Bowlby (from page 41 of vol. I of his trilogy on attachment) that I […]

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