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REPRINT: “Separation Is Never Ending: Attachment Is a Human Right” by Jessica Borelli

I was recently contacted by Kazuko Behrens by email. Kazuko is an attachment researcher. Our Foundation funded Kazuko’s research in the past. Kazuko informed me that a number of attachment researchers (a few of which have also received funding from our Foundation) have released a statement concerning the parent-child separations taking place along the US-Mexico […]

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QUICK LOOK: By age 3 environmental factors like parenting are relevant to the development of self-control

By age 3 environmental factors like parenting are relevant to the development of self-control. Research done at the University of Texas at Arlington Published in Developmental Psychology Effectively here’s new research designed to assess impulse control or the ability to delay gratification in toddlers using the Marshmallow Test protocol, among others. I have blogged about […]

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Marshmallow Test: Delaying Gratification in Childhood Predicts Adult Success (LIP)

Note: This post originally appeared over at LinkedIn Pulse. LinkedIn is a social networking site supporting the world of business. LinkedIn has a blog service known as LinkedIn Pulse. As such, this post presents information on Bowlbian attachment theory and related subjects that may be a review for regular BLT readers. Click on this link […]

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“Addictions from an Attachment Perspective”—(an interlude)

Welcome back. As you know, I’m in the middle of a multi-part blog series wherein I’m reviewing the 2014 edited volume entitled Addictions from an Attachment Perspective—Do Broken Bonds and Early Trauma Lead to Addictive Behaviours? I’ve already posted parts I & II. I’ll post part III next week. In this very short post, I’d […]

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Reactions to “Origins of Attachment” (part I)

A colleague of mine recently drew my attention to a book that I had not heard about before: The Origins of Attachment—Infant Research and Adult Treatment. This book was co-written by Beatrice Beebe and Frank Lachmann and was released in 2014. I thought to myself, “Oh boy, a recent book on attachment, how fun.” I […]

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