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Understanding the Growing Resentment Directed Toward Biology and Nature—The Philosophy of John Searle

In an earlier blog post I mentioned a book by Robin Dunbar and his colleagues entitled Evolutionary Psychology. Dunbar et al. draw heavily from the work of philosopher John Searle. Using Searle’s work as a background, Dunbar et al. make an observation that stunned me. Consider the following quote: Searle argues that language and ToM […]

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Sociable Robots: 3D Pornography? (part I)

In the last couple of days two news headlines have caught my attention: 1) “Robots Could Be Future Playmates for Kids” 2) “How Many Facebook Friends Do You Have? Study Links Narcissism and Facebook Activity” I mentioned the Narcissism – Facebook connection in my August 25th, 2011, post entitled Does Chronic Internet Use Mimic Insecure […]

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