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Summarizing “Hamlet’s BlackBerry: Building a Good Life in the Digital Age” (part 7)

To refresh your memory, here’s my “sum the sum” from part 6 of my summary of Hamlet’s Blackberry: There seems to be a backlash forming against digital busyness, a backlash that philanthropists could potentially support. Generally, one of the names this backlash goes by is the Slow Life Movement: slow food, slow parenting, slow travel, even […]

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Does Chronic Internet Use Mimic Insecure Attachment? Bowlby’s Theory Gives Us a Possible Answer (Part I)

By now most of us have seen the headlines: Is the “Me Generation” less empathetic? Study links Facebook to narcissism Kids who use Facebook do worse in school Maybe we have read books like: David Anderegg’s 2007 book Nerds—Who They Are and Why We Need More of Them (New York: Penguin). Richard Florida’s 2002 book The […]

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Comment: What Happens When We Lose Our Conceptual Rudder

Comment on the following article: Why We Should Take Jared Loughner’s Politics Seriously. — by Steve Striffler As many of you know, I like to read the articles over at When I see an article that catches my attention, I like to use the WordPress (the blogging software being used here) feature known as […]

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