Careful, the Paint Is Still Drying

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Hello all. Well, it’s almost all done. We have created a new web site for our Foundation. The web address for our new Foundation web site is as follows (sans quotes):


We have changed the theme (e.g., the look and feel) of the BLT web site, which you are looking at right now (unless you are reading by email). What do you think? Pretty snazzy don’t you think. And the neat thing is this new web site renders properly on all devices: computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Now, as I mentioned before, the new web site address for our Bowlby Less Traveled blog is as follows (again, sans quotes):


We have also upgraded our Minka Scholarship Program web site using this same theme. For those of you who are not familiar with our Minka Scholarship Program, it is designed to support graduate students who are pursuing a career in one of the field sciences, like marine biology and field geology. The web address for the Minka Scholarship Program is as follows (sans, quotes):


Outside of providing the above information, I’m testing the site to see if the Read by Email feature is working OK. If you’re reading this by email, then we’re good to go. I’ll start writing more BLT blog posts as the spirit moves and the topics roll in. If you see a Bowlby related, or attachment related article or book that you find interesting, let us know. The Minka and Foundation web sites will have their own blogs. So, Foundation news can be found at the Foundation web site, and scholarship news can be found at the Minka web site. In truth, I was trying to make the BLT blog handle all topics, which meant that Foundation and scholarship topics veered from the world of Bowlby and attachment. So now the BLT blog will stay on topic.

We’re still testing all three sites for typos, formatting, and functionality. If you see anything, here’s the link to the Contact form for the Foundation. Feel free to let us know if you see or experience anything amiss.