Shameless Self-Promotion on Twitter

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Hello all—

I’m ramping up my efforts to promote my new book A Question of Attachment—Toward a Lossless Society. Click on the title to view a preview and ordering information over at FYI—for you KindleUnlimited subscribers, A Question of Attachment is absolutely free! Such a deal. I’ve dusted off an old Twitter account that I haven’t used since I opened it way back in 2011. I opened it as a personal account but I just converted it over to a Twitter account for our Foundation. You can find us at I have linked our Google FeedBurner account to our Twitter account. In this way, as I post here at BLT, a link to that post will show up over at Twitter. Pretty cool eh? I’m writing this post as a way of trying out the new FeedBurner link. Most of my posting efforts will still be over here at BLT, however, I’ll probably start posting tweets from time to time. I can see the value in using hashtags such as #JohnBowlby and #attachmenttheory to reach a larger audience. Used properly and appropriately (e.g., to engage in shameless promotion) social media is a great tool. If you have suggestions for people or organizations to follow or hashtags to use on Twitter, use the Contact Us link above to let us know.

Tweetingly yours – Rick

PS – I’m setting up an author profile over at Goodreads. I’ll connect the BLT blog to my Goodreads profile as well. Just trying to get better connected to the #IndieAuthor community.