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What Was Once Neglect, Is Now Habit

I recently spied an article by Renee Collett entitled 22 Habits of People Who Felt Neglected Growing Up. I found this article through but it originally appeared over at The Mighty. Here’s the link to this article. I get the impression that Collett polled The Mighty community and simply asked what adult habits did […]

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QUICK LOOK—Study: Time Won’t Heal Your Psychological Wounds – Forbes

Study: Time Wont Heal Your Psychological Wounds – Forbes. by Amy Morin, psychotherapist and Forbes contributor (March 20th, 2016) Just wanted to insert this QUICK LOOK because it ties nicely with the topic of addiction and attachment I looked at in my last post. I found Morin’s article over at Forbes to be most insightful. […]

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Attachment and Resilience: The Politics of Nature or Nuture

A colleague just sent over materials that contain the following quote by Nancy Davis: In the popular press and in many programs, “resilience” is frequently used as if it were a character trait, as in “John is very resilient.” However, using the term this way has had an unintended but serious negative consequence in that […]

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Dark Side of Perfectionism Revealed by Attachment Theory

I just found the following article over at by Rachael Rettner: The Dark Side of Perfectionism Revealed. In my opinion, the information presented in this article not only agrees with but could be easily framed by attachment theory. I’m not sure why researchers are not making more of an effort to tie their work […]

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