Quick Update: “A Question of Attachment”

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Just wanted to give you a quick update on my book project A Question of Attachment. All of the chapters (which I outlined in earlier posts) have been fleshed out. As you might expect, the page total has ballooned past 100 (my target) and stands now at about 150 including notes and references. So, the trimming process may be brutal. I may end up putting more information into the notes, which I’m not counting toward my 100 page goal.

I did have to go back and change the Introduction to accommodate the eBook format. Most all Kindle books on have a preview, typically comprised of the first ten pages of the book or so. I had to make sure I had a chapter summary within the first few pages so that a reader could get a sense for the overall book by reading the preview.

So, I’m making great progress. I should have a rough draft in the next couple of weeks if all goes well. Then comes the editing and trimming process. Ultimately I may have to ease up on the 100 page restriction and end up with closer to 120 pages—still readable in a weekend. We’ll see. The fun thing about using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is that I can have Question available fairly quickly after it’s done. And I think I have found a great graphic for the cover. It’s by the same artist who did the graphic for my first book Bowlby’s Battle. It’s called The One That Got Away (copyright © George Grie | I think that’s an appropriate graphic for a book centrally about insecure attachment. Nothing definite yet, but I like Grie’s work.

Future BLT posts will have to wait until after I’ve uploaded A Question of Attachment to KDP. Sorry about that. Could be several more weeks.

George Grie neosurrealism art gallery: Snowfall in Parallel Universe or the One That Got Away