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UPDATE: Question of Attachment rewrite

Hello all – Just a quick update on the status of my book Question of Attachment. A colleague of mine, Keith, offered to edit Question for me, which he so kindly did. Thanks Keith. Keith has extensive experience editing professional documents in the environmental sciences arena. Based on Keith’s feedback, it is clear that a […]

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Quick Update: “A Question of Attachment”

Just wanted to give you a quick update on my book project A Question of Attachment. All of the chapters (which I outlined in earlier posts) have been fleshed out. As you might expect, the page total has ballooned past 100 (my target) and stands now at about 150 including notes and references. So, the […]

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Question Update—The Death of the Cognitive Map?

Today’s post is a quick update on the progress of my book A Question of Attachment. I have two wrinkles to report: one good, and one not-so-good. The good one first. Things are progressing swimmingly. I completed the introductory chapter. I found a book template called Focus over at I formatted my first book […]

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UPDATE on Delaying Gratification and Valuing the Future

In my July 7th, 2014, post entitled QUICK LOOK: Time alone? Many would rather hurt themselves, I mentioned that when the future is discounted and not valued, it is hard to engage in such activities as planning for retirement. Well, the following article goes into all of this in detail: Retirement Saving Makes One Wealthy, […]

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Follow-up: Grantmaking and Intuition

I trust everyone had a fun and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Last week I posted a blog entitled A Few Reflections on Grantmaking and Intuition (05/20/14). Pulling from work by cognitive scientist turned political commentator George Lakoff, I suggested that conservatives tend to use direct cause and effect thinking to address and solve social problems […]

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