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Update #2: The Behavioral Drug Continuum

What can I say, articles on what I am calling the Behavioral Drug Continuum (which I blogged about in my post of 04.15.14) are coming fast and furious. Here’s one by Allen Frances, professor emeritus at Duke University. Professor Frances was chairman of the DSM-IV task force. His article is entitled: My Prediction: The ADHD […]

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Update: The Behavioral Drug Continuum

In my April 15th, 2015, blog post I mentioned that behavioral drugs, such as Ritalin and Adderall, sit on a continuum linking parents, kids, teachers, administrators, doctors, and drug companies. I also mentioned that psychology types were looking at the possibility that a new attention deficit diagnosis was needed: sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT). Well, I […]

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UPDATE: The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder –

The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder – The Number of Diagnoses Soared Amid a 20-Year Drug Marketing Campaign By ALAN SCHWARZ – DECEMBER 14, 2013 Hello all. Just a quick update to my December 11th, 2013, blog post on how we should add desirable care to our focus on affordable care. In my earlier […]

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Truer Words—Not Saving But Selling Face (Update)

In my May 30th, 2012, Truer Words blog post, I talked about how Facebook is selling us to ourselves. Well, in the “I could not make this up” category, consider the following article entitled On Facebook, ‘Likes’ Become Ads. The article appears to be by Somini Sengupta and originally came out of San Francisco. I […]

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Update: Association of Small Foundations Starts New Blog

In my post of October 3rd, 2011, I announced that the FHL Foundation made a $15,000 grant to ASF (Association of Small Foundations) in support of their efforts to start a new blog. Well, I’m happy to announce that the new ASF blog—entitled PhilanthroFiles—is up and running. So, take a moment and check out ASF’s […]

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