UPDATE: Question of Attachment rewrite

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Hello all – Just a quick update on the status of my book Question of Attachment. A colleague of mine, Keith, offered to edit Question for me, which he so kindly did. Thanks Keith. Keith has extensive experience editing professional documents in the environmental sciences arena. Based on Keith’s feedback, it is clear that a couple of sections are in need of a rewrite. I’m in the process of rewriting these sections both for clarity and brevity. I feel confident that these rewrites will make Question a much better book. Given that we are rapidly approaching the holiday season, I imagine that I will finish these rewrites in the first part of January, 2018. So, I’m hoping for a January release of Question to the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Sorry for the delay. Rewrites of this nature are par for the book-writing course.

Have a great Holiday Season and I’ll see you in 2018!