GrantPress Announcement

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Five brave organizations agreed to be beta testers for our new grant application and tracking program GrantPress. GrantPress is being developed in-house as a WordPress plugin. The beta test process went so well that the FHL Foundation has decided to open up GrantPress to all organizations. To access GP (for short) simply click on the Apply link over at the Foundation web site. Unfortunately we are not able to import Organization Profile date from Formstack into GP. As a result, organizations will have to create a new Organization Profile. The Fall 2020 Grant Program opens on September 1st and will remain open until September 30th. We are excited about all of the features in GrantPress and we hope the transition to GP goes as smooth as possible.

Please note: GP is still being developed and there are a few interface issues that popped up during the beta testing process that we are aware of and working on. If in doubt don’t hesitate to use your browser Back Button.