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FHL Foundation Makes Summer 2019 Grants

At its summer 2019 board meeting, the board of the FHL Foundation voted to make the following grant awards: Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation – Summer Camp Programs – $20,000 Trees, Water & People – Environmental Protection – $2,000 The San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council – Environmental Protection – $2,000 Wildlands Restoration Volunteers – Environmental Protection […]

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Shameless Self-Promotion on Twitter

Hello all— I’m ramping up my efforts to promote my new book A Question of Attachment—Toward a Lossless Society. Click on the title to view a preview and ordering information over at FYI—for you KindleUnlimited subscribers, A Question of Attachment is absolutely free! Such a deal. I’ve dusted off an old Twitter account that […]

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Oh no … I stepped in it!

Yes, I stepped in it … some wet paint. What did you think? Our web resources guru informed me that in my last blog post, I gave out web addresses that were either incorrect or longer than need be. So, here are the correct and trimmed addresses: Foundation web site: Bowlby Less Traveled blog […]

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Careful, the Paint Is Still Drying

Hello all. Well, it’s almost all done. We have created a new web site for our Foundation. The web address for our new Foundation web site is as follows (sans quotes): “” We have changed the theme (e.g., the look and feel) of the BLT web site, which you are looking at right now (unless […]

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Testing, One, Two, Three….

Hello all. In my last post I mentioned that our web servers were going to be upgraded, and that the upgrade process may take a few days. Well, a few days ended up being a few weeks. It’s a long story. Here’s the short version. Our web server service was bought out by a much […]

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